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Virginia state police criminal records dating back as far as

A Federal Criminal Record Check will show criminal histories for federal crimes or crimes committed on federal property.'Statewide' and 'Nationwide' checks, Sex Offender Registry checks, and Global Homeland Security Search will show if an applicant is listed on the respective database.

On the other hand issues are regularly uncovered when conducting Education, Employment, and Professional License verifications.For information about what goes into a complete background check see Comprehensive Background Checks A County Criminal Record Check will show felony criminal history information if any.Misdemeanor or infraction information may also appear.There are significant holes in their coverage in geography, time, accuracy, and completeness.What information is included, when it is included, and how it is included varies greatly for both commercial compilers and government reporting agencies.For more information about what shows on a complete background check, see What Shows Up On A Background Check For Employment?

Criminal Record Checks can uncover very old information.

For information about the combined Federal FCRA and California ICRA, see California Background Check Law and FCRA Employer Requirements.

For more information about California criminal record sources, see California Criminal Records Search.

Note: Several states have laws that place more restrictions on the use of criminal records than does federal law.

Additional information is available at State and Local Background Check Laws.

Any negative information found in a 'Statewide' or 'Nationwide' criminal database search must be confirmed with the appropriate court.