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Updating database of binaries

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Plus sometimes you are unable to perform any changes until you do upgrade the Edges, so if a customer needs to change firewall or NAT rules, you are pretty much forced to upgrade the Edges and you can’t really wait for the ESXi / v Center upgrade.Anyway, here I will skip the ESXi and v Center upgrade, but you know how you should do it 🙂 v Cloud Director Upgrade / Cell Upgrade Before you start running the new v Cloud Director Binary, you need to run a script.

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The problem with v Cloud Director though is, there are a lot of other components you need to consider.The third number in the This section describes how to upgrade Mongo DB by replacing the existing the next generation replacement for the traditional Free BSD package management tools, offering many features that make dealing with binary packages faster and easier.This is important in order to understand limitations, known issues etc. The production environment I worked on was quite large so each step pretty much needed a maintenance window.I have seen setups where the upgrade would have broken the environment. So whilst the v Center and ESXi upgrade was scheduled for a later date, the v Shield Edges had sometimes a different idea.VMs should never have stopped pinging and all should be well.

As always, make sure you test everything you can think of before proceeding.

The reason for it is that you need to upgrade each component in the correct sequence ! The Release Notes also include links to the install and upgrade documentations so really make sure you read that. I mentioned testing didn’t I 😀 Another important document you need to read VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes You need to make sure that your new v Cloud Director version is actually compatible with your current build of ESXi, v Center etc. This way I can make sure that after the upgrade, the v Shield Manager (and subsequent the v Shield Edges) are still working as desired.

If you don’t, you : Update sequence for v Sphere 5.x and its compatible VMware products (2059455) Update sequence for v Sphere 5.5 and its compatible VMware products (2057795) Also make sure you read the actual Release Notes. Based on the above KBs from VMware, the following upgrade sequence applies: the v Shield Edges. I don’t see the reasoning myself (please comment if you do).

First things first, I want to upgrade v Cloud Director to what exactly ?

The current latest version is v Cloud Director 5.5, but I will only show the upgrade to 5.1.3 .. Because first, an upgrade to 5.1.x is mandatory anyway when coming from version 1.5, and second, I never run into any issues when upgrading v Cloud Director 5.1.x to 5.5 to be honest.

Detecting and resolving network adapter type mismatches before upgrading v Cloud Director to version 5.1.x (2047922) The script won’t change anything in the VMs etc., it just fixed database references. Database user has insufficient privileges to update database statistics.