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Relationship disclosure form dating

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Relationships are likely to break down not in an explosive argument but in a gradual cooling off of enjoyment and care.What is worth noting is that Tolstedt and Stokes finds that in the de-penetration process, the self-disclosure breadth reduces, while self-disclosure depth increases.

For instance, on a first date, people tend to present their outer images only, talking about hobbies.As Altman and Taylor note, "People seem to possess very sensitive tuning mechanisms which enable them to program carefully their interpersonal relationships." Third, relational development could move backward, resulting in de-penetration and dissolution.For example, after prolonged and fierce fights, a couple who originally planned to get married may decide to break up and turn to be strangers ultimately.A warm friendship between two people will deteriorate if they begin to close off areas of their lives that had earlier been opened.Relational retreat takes back of what has earlier been exchanged in the building of a relationship.Those who are able to develop a long-term, positive reward/cost outcome are the same people who are able to share important matches of breadth categories.

The early reward/cost assessment have a strong impact on the relationship's reactions and involvement, and expectancies in a relationship regarding the future play a major role on the outcome of the relationship.

Altman and Taylor proposes that there are four major stages in social penetration: De-penetration is a gradual process of layer-by-layer withdrawal and it cause relationship and intimacy level to move backward and to fade away.

According to Altman and Taylor, when de-penetration occurs, "interpersonal exchange should proceed backwards from more to less intimate areas, should decrease in breadth or volume, and, as a result, the total cumulative wedge of exchange should shrink".

This assumption indicates the predictability of relationship development.

Although it is impossible to foresee the exact and precise path of relational development, there is certain trajectory to follow.

For instance, when an individual shares his or her thoughts regarding to sky-rocketing rents in New York City, the other individual expresses his or her views as well.