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I primarily play Irish music and a little scottish music but if you have a tune you want to play then i can figure out the fingering, ornamentation and bass work.

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This will allow Microsoft endpoints to send and receive VGA or HD video streams so that both individual participant windows and the overall CP client-inbound stream will be displayed in wider, richer resolutions.Switching to full-screen video will also trigger HD to be used.Alternatively, reducing the window size will then scale back down to VGA.(The green sphere in the video frame is the LED on the front of the Eagle Eye camera reflecting off of a window that the camera is pointed out of in our Rosemont office, as shown by the infamous Rosemont water tower.) The following screenshots compare the different video formats which will be supported with the upcoming Wave 4.1 release.All images are to scale with equal horizontal measurements (175 pixels wide) to clearly demonstrate the difference in aspect ratios.Because the HDX software fully supports Microsoft’s implementation of ICE/STUN/TURN protocols for firewall and NAT traversal then the HDX can also be registered from the Internet through an OCS or Lync Edge server.

As previously mentioned an upcoming software release will incorporate native support for Microsoft’s Real-Time Vide (RTV) codec, expanding the video resolution options for Lync to HDX video calls to use RTV VGA and HD formats.

I provide mentoring for musicians who have performance anxiety ( stage fright). Tel 01 Mobile 07850 402 763 I teach beginners to concert level Performance, and Trinity College Exams to Advanced Performance Certificate if the student wishes to do so. I have played traditional music for over 24 years and taught music for nearly 15 years.

Please see my website for music workshop details and register your interest. I learned how to play music at St Rochs under Frank Mc Ardle and played in many bands and grupi cheoils.

Starting with software version for the HDX telepresence solutions native SIP registration with Lync Server 2010 is now supported, in additional to OCS 2007 R2.

The functionality of the HDX software allows for native registration to either an OCS or Lync registrar.

Lesson plans , clear goals and objectives , but most importantly emphasis on fun! I helped to start and went on to lead the St Patrick CCE branch to great success for 8 years before going travelling.